The Copygram story, from one line of code

Started out as an idea about a backup service, ended up as so much more.

We've built Copygram for you

Made by us
In case you haven't yet noticed, Copygram is completely cost and advertisement free. We built the Copygram web application because we love photography, and because we wanted Instagram users to be able to share their work with others on the web.

Copygram was built for your convenience. What’s on your mind? Go ahead and let us know. We appreciate all feedback, comments, and questions you may have regarding Copygram.

How does Copygram work?
Copygram uses Instagram Dev API to connect with Instagram and provide you with its content.

Copygram lets you utilize nearly all in-app features, and much more: Comment, Like, Follow, and Unfollow; use hashtags and usernames; back up your photos, or pick your favorite grams and have them sent directly to your doorstep as prints.

Log in with your Instagram account to get started.

What is Instagram?
Instagram is a free iPhone app. It is a fun and a easy way to upload, edit, and share gorgeous photos using your iPhone or iPod Touch. Functions such as tilt-shift blur and add-on photo filters breathe new life into your photos. Transform everyday moments into works of art you'll want to share with friends and family. Get the Instagram app!

Can I backup any users Photos?
Almost! After you have authorized the Copygram application to connect and work with Instagram, you may choose any email address for back-up photo delivery. If you’d like to get a backup version of a friend’s feed, just let them sign into their own Copygram account and enter your email address.